Commitment to Sustainability

With the transcendent purpose of “To build together the country where we all want to live,” we aspire to regional leadership in the cement and construction materials industry, while creating and distributing value to all our stakeholders.

Sustainability Strategy

Our 2015-2025 Sustainability Strategy has the purpose of mitigating risks and moving towards the sustainability of our businesses.

The four pillars that support this strategy and are considered the triple account of value (economic, social and environmental dimensions) of sustainable development, are:

It refers to our relationships with customers, suppliers, business partners and other interested parties.
It describes how we manage our impacts on ecosystems and their effects on people, institutions, organizations and communities.
It frames the actions to strengthen and retain talent with our collaborators.
It refers to our commitments and actions to be a good neighbor, strengthen our social license and generate prosperity in the communities where we operate.

Our materiality associated with sustainability

In our management system, we use the following concepts associated with materiality:


We understand materiality to be those relevant (material) issues that stakeholders consider to cause significant negative or positive impacts and therefore, must be managed by the company in a responsible and prioritized manner. These material issues cover all dimensions of sustainable development: economy, society, environment and governance.


We indistinctly call “interest groups”, “interested parties” or “stakeholders”, those people, individuals or legal entities, whose rights or living conditions could be significantly affected positively or negatively by activities, products and services that the company produces.

It also includes those individuals, groups and organizations whose actions could affect the company’s ability to successfully implement its business model, business strategies, preserve its reputation and achieve its strategic objectives.

The relevant issues of our operation in Guatemala are the basis of our Corporate Materiality Matrix, given the significantly higher weight of that operation in our total business. The themes of the other operations complement said matrix. Our sustainability strategy has tactical adaptations based on the changes that are observed in the business environment and in material issues, without neglecting its long-term strategic focus.