Sustainability Report 2022

Our commitment to sustainability reflects our clear vision of managing the human, commercial, and environmental factors in the different countries in which we operate.

Scope and Reach

This is the 2022 Sustainability Report of Cementos Progreso Holdings, S.L. covering the period from January to December. Includes the operations of our division of cement and solutions for construction, in Guatemala, Belize, Panama and Colombia. On October 31, 2022, We started operations in Costa Rica and El Salvador, then of the purchase agreement to the company Cemex. Given the recent integration of these operations, will be included in the sustainability report from 2023.

The narrative thread of this report revolves around two fundamental elements: the annual performance of our 2015-2025 Sustainability Strategy and compliance with the guidelines of Spanish Law 11-2018 on Non-Financial Information and Diversity.

To do this, we use the reporting guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). But we also allude to our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and compliance with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Under these guidelines we will continue to report our progress annually.

Messages from our Managers

José Miguel Torrebiarte, President Progreso

We are living in exceptional and challenging times. Not only because of the disruptive phenomena in the national and international context, but also because of our own dynamics as a company, in the process of regional expansion. We are growing and growing means facing new challenges. We know that we are making history and making history has never been easy.

Today, 123 years after our foundation, we are proud to be the only cement company of Central American origin, which already operates in seven countries and serves eleven markets. It is a milestone in our history and that of our region. In barely a quarter of a century, since our first investment outside the country in 1997, we went from depending on one product and one country, to becoming a multi-Latin and diversified organization. In particular, with our foray into four countries in the last three years.

José Raúl González, CEO Progreso

We aspire to permeate all our operations with the Progress DNA. And feedback on the good practices of the new operations; which are many Advance in the management of sustainability, resilience, reputation and our positive contributions, as intangible assets of equal importance to others. Improve our differentiating capabilities and corporate governance, to manage growing, environmental and expansion risks, and be corporate enablers of all our operations.

In 2023 we reiterate our unreserved contribution to the future of our businesses, our society and the planet, but above all to preserve the legacy of our founder to fulfill our transcendent purpose: to build together the country where we all want to live.

Dna of the Organization

The vital essence of Cementos Progreso is defined by the legacy of our founder Carlos F. Novella and our organizational DNA that integrates six components:

Code of Values, Ethics
and Conduct (COVEC)

Pillars of the
Sustainability Strategy


Human Talent



Gobierno corporativo

Cementos Progreso Holding, S.L, es, en esencia, una empresa familiar que aplica los estándares más avanzados de gobernanza corporativa.

Commitment To Sustainability

With the transcendent purpose of “To build together the country where we all want to live,” we aspire to regional leadership in the cement and construction materials industry, while creating and distributing value to all our stakeholders.

Service culture

We seek to give our clients the precise solution to their needs.

Digital Commerce

The particular circumstances caused by the pandemic made us accelerate the digital changes and strengthen our closeness with our customers. Digital commerce was key within that strategy.

Therefore, online business operations have been increasing. In the case of cement, the percentage of use of the Cemproenlinea platform rose from 84% in 2021 to 86% in 2022. We have not yet implemented this mechanism in the other countries where we operate.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We use two indicators to measure customer satisfaction: the Customer Satisfaction Index (ISC) and the Net Promoter Score (NPS). From the average of both, we obtain our rating called “customer experience”.

Inclusion And Job Stability

Being an employer of choice is one of our pillars of sustainability, which is why we always strive to be an exceptional place to work. Our labor policy is based on equal opportunities and meritocracy.
Collaborators in 2022
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Women managers
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Young collaborators (18-30 years old)
Preventive inspections in plants

Strategic Environmental Management System

Since 2016, the process of environmental inspections and audits of the commitments registered in the Strategic Environmental Management System (SEGA) has been implemented. In the 2022 cycle, 137 compliance verification audits were carried out in Guatemala and 6 audits between Belize and Panama. In 2023, the environmental instruments and international standards applicable to the operations in El Salvador and Costa Rica will be added.

Community Development

We promote compliance with high social, environmental, anti-corruption, bribery, legal compliance, and occupational health and safety standards on the part of the companies that provide us with goods and services.
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Suppliers in Guatemala
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Suppliers in Panamá

Sustainable Infrastructure

A total of 1,488 families were benefited by the 18 housing projects that were supported through the Construyamos and Muvis programs. The main milestones for 2022 are:
Projects with more than 400 homes built (20,000 square meters in total).
Projects supported to obtain the construction license, representing more than 500 homes (30,000 square meters).
Project under development with its own resources, which provided 288 homes (15,000 square meters).
Projects under license management that will add 300 homes (16,000 square meters).

External Verification

Our report carries out two external and independent verifications under Compliance with Spanish Law 11-2018 and Compliance with GRI standards.